Aid Stations

Our Aid Stations on the course. This is what you will get when you do the Mighty Moraine Man Triathlon.

There is an aid station exiting the swim just at the entrance to the transition area. Water, Gatorade, bananas and Gu.

Aid station #1 

Prospect at miles 16 and 44. Water bottle exchanges with water or Gatorade. We will have Gu and bananas at those as well. You will hit this twice.

Aid Station # 2

Moraine at the top of the hill right before the North Shore Entrance and finish. This will be at mile 27.5 on the first loop of the bike and right before the finish of the second loop, mile 55.5, this will also have water and Gatorade exchanges and Gu and bananas.

Aid station exiting transition to start the run with water, Gatorade, Gu and Bananas.
Aid stations every mile on the run with water, Gatorade, ice, Coca Cola, oranges, watermelon, pretzels, Jelly Beans, Fruit Snacks, cookies and Gu. 

We will have sponges if it's hot.