Spring Sprint and State Championship Event Details














List of Races and Distances:


  • Super Sprint Triathlon: 375 meter swim/6.2-mile bike/1.5-mile run

  • Sprint Triathlon: 750 meter swim/12.4-mile bike/3 mile run

  • Super Duathlon Run: 1.5-mile run/5.5-mile bike/1.5-mile run

  • Duathlon: 1.5-mile run/1-mile bike/3.1-mile run

  • Super Adventure Race Kayak or Paddle: ½ mile Kayak or paddle/5.5-mile bike/1.5-mile run

  • Adventure Race Kayak or Paddle: 1-mile Kayak or paddle/14-mile bike/3.1-mile run  

  • Super Aqua Bike Race: 375 meter swim/5.5-mile bike

  • Aqua Bike: 750 meter swim/12.4-mile bike  

  • Aquathlon Race: 1.5-mile run/400-meter swim/3.1-mile run


Relay Races:

  • Triathlon-Super Sprint: 200-meter swim/5.5-mile bike/1.5-mile run

  • Triathlon-Sprint: 400-meter swim/13-mile bike/3.1-mile run

  • ​Duathlon-Super Sprint: 1.5-mile run/5.5-mile bike/1.5-mile run

  • ​Duathlon Sprint: 1.5-mile run/14-mile bike/3.1-mile run

  • ​Super Sprint Adventure-Paddle: 1-mile Kayak or Paddle/5.5-mile bike/1.5-mile run

  • Adventure-Paddle: 2-mile Kayak or Paddle/13-mile bike/run 3.1 miles

  • ​Aquabike Super Sprint: 200-yard swim/5.5-mile bike

  • ​Aqua Bike Sprint Swim: 1/4-mile swim/13-mile bike

  • ​Aquathlon: 1.5-mile run/400-meter swim/3.1-mile run

State Championship Information:

The Mighty Moraine Man Spring Race will host the USA Triathlon Pennsylvania High School and Age Group State Championships. 


The High School Champs and Sprint Races will be a 750 meter swim, 12.5 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run at the North Shore, Lake View Beach Area at Moraine State Park. Enjoy a beautiful swim in Lake Arthur, a rolling hills bike course through Moraine State Park and a run along the scenic bike trail at Moraine.  


We will also feature a duathlon, adventure race, aqua bike and team relay as well as super sprint distances with a 400 meter swim, 6.2 mile bike and 1.5 mile run.


The Pennsylvania State Age Group Championships will be an Olympic Distance Race.  

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